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  Lantern Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festival, is also one of the children's favorite holiday.

  Still remember when I was a child of the fireworks are diverse, drill day, a small bees, have all over the sky star, a... Every fifteen, dark night is always a bright day, decorated with are all kinds of fireworks, the reflecting pool. Spring Festival in recent years the state advocates civilization, advocating less people set off firecrackers and fireworks, less so now, the Spring Festival, the lantern in a noisy degree than before, but even so, when the Lantern Festival is still a lively scene.

  After ten years of the Lantern Festival, put ten years of fireworks, however, only the most let me remember this year.

  Before the Lantern Festival is spent in their own homes, only behind the dinner would be allowed to run into the street with friends. But this year is spent in my uncle's house. And because of that, this year's Lantern Festival didn't let me so memorable.

  Sister-in-law the year before last September's just add a child, this year has been one and a half, it is carefree, lively and active, so the scene is particularly lively. We first had a sumptuous dinner, and then enjoy the beautiful fireworks fly kongmin light, the next step is to watch my show little nephew of the age of one and a half.

  He also is very good and we in the "audience" interaction, occasionally pulled my 13 year old brother and his dance together, or go to our side to give us a kiss, when we are going to hold him and ran away quickly.

  The laughter of the room, the fireworks out of the window is gorgeous. The laughter of the room through the window, across the are in full bloom of fireworks, fly far away...









  In the Lantern Festival on this day, my family and I go to the lantern. We saw the Chinese zodiac, they seemed to be waving to us, the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse,... In the said the New Year's blessing to tourists. Further on, we saw the Disneyland, composition more Lantern Festival in the giant network composition.

  The fifteenth day of the first arrived, my family and I go to the lantern.

  Can be busy in the street, people mountain people sea. At seven o 'clock is very to, start with fireworks, "bang..." Voice rings, the fireworks are green, red, yellow, purple, colorful, colorful. Look, a "super-sized" fireworks fly the sky, and then with a roar, and fireworks sprayed out of the little one was full of the sky, sometimes like a bauhinia, sometimes like a chrysanthemum. Some township, bine... "Bang! Bang" rang again, and some bread with a small bee in fireworks, after the blast, emit the light of fireflies. The colorful decorated enveloped the entire lijin county. See gold waterfall flows down, every gold falls and shiny golden flower Covered with earth. As the tang dynasty poet li bai have cloud: "plunges three thousand feet, suspected galaxy nine days."

  Watching the fireworks, we go to see the lanterns again, we saw the Chinese zodiac, they seemed to be waving to us, the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse,... In the said the New Year's blessing to tourists. Further on, we saw the men's paradise, the inside of the Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, such as "master", they are playing Musical Instruments, are thriving, a happy New Year! We also see "three kingdoms" lamp, zhang fei and guan yu, liu bei, three people, they in taoyuan sworn brother, I seem to hear them say: "although we can't born in the same year on the same day, I wish we are in the same year on the same day to death." And drums, gongs, it sounds really beautiful melody.

  I had a really happy today.



  街上可热闹了,人山人海的。七点十分到了,开始放烟花了,“砰……”的声音响起来,烟花有绿的、红的、黄的、紫的,五彩缤纷,绚丽多彩。看,一个“超大 号”的烟花飞上了天,紧接着随着一声轰鸣,又绽放出了一个个小一号烟花布满了天空,有的像紫荆花、有的像菊花。有的乡市迎春花……又“砰!砰”的响了几 声,有的烟花里面包着小蜜蜂,炸开以后,发射出萤火虫一样的光。五颜六色的彩花笼罩了整个利津县城。看黄金瀑布流淌下来了,每一根金丝落下来,闪闪的金花 铺满了大地。正如唐代诗人李白所云:“飞流直下三千尺,疑是银河落九天。”

  看完烟花,我们又去看花灯,我们看见了十二生肖,它们好像在向我们挥手,鼠、牛、虎、兔、龙、蛇、马……在向游人表示新春的祝福。再往前走,我们看见了迪 士尼乐园,里面的米老鼠、唐老鸭等“主人”,它们演奏着各种乐器,真是歌舞升平,恭贺新岁啊!我们还看见了“三国演义”灯,有张飞、关羽、刘备三人,他们 在桃园结拜兄弟,我仿佛听见了他们在说:“我们虽不能同年同日生,但愿我们同年同日死。”还有敲鼓的,打锣的,那声音的确美妙动听。